What are you looking for in an affiliate network? Maximum commissions? Accurate & timely payments? Detailed reporting on all aspects of your promotions? The AffiliateTracking Network brings you all of this and more, starting by putting more money in your pocket and closing the deal with powerful reporting and a comprehensive creative delivery system.

Why Affiliate Tracking?

In every other major affiliate network out there, you aren’t earning as much as you could be! This is because the merchant is charged a percentage of each commission he pays you by the network administrator. So if you earn even $200 in commission in a month, your merchant is paying another $40-$60 on average to the network, which is probably taken from the budget they could be using to paying you. Doing the math, we see that can be over $700 per year of extra cash you would be making in the AffiliateTracking Network as opposed to those other networks, without doing one bit of extra work!

Versatile management & reporting

Once you sign up, your ROIAdvantage publisher interface makes sure you have the tools you need to maximize your potential to earn. Drill-down any report to see exactly what your traffic is doing, and how your promotional efforts are performing. Grab any creative material for all the campaigns you are subscribed to in one place, all pre-coded with your affiliate tracking information. Use the included banner rotation engine to determine which ad performs best in a given space, and also to ensure you never run a dead ad again! If you have any questions or suggestions about a given campaign, you can contact the merchant right from your panel as well! Join today, and maximize your earnings!